About the Press

Editon Consortium Publishing is a reputable publisher aimed at bringing together scholars from around the world through our publishing platform. We believe that collaboration between authors creates better research than individual efforts. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing Journals publisher in Africa. 

The publisher aims to disseminate knowledge and research output globally. We follow international guidelines for scholarly publications. Therefore, we ensure that all books and book chapters comply with these standards before being placed in our database.

We have a set of standards that permit the sharing of scientific research and academic writings without restriction. This allows writers to share their published books and book chapters online, making them accessible for download from anywhere.

The book chapters are written entirely by joint authors who share responsibility for the book. The authors of each book chapter retain copyright ownership of the book and assume full responsibility for their work.


We provide authors with all the necessary tools for effective publishing. We publish academic book chapters in the humanities, physics and applied sciences, social sciences, law, creative arts, music, and all languages, including Kiswahili. We also provide editing and peer review services through manuscript formatting. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service through double-blinded peer reviews of our book chapters. We do it diligently by having an internal editorial board of experienced editors in each book chapter.

We also help researchers advance their careers by allowing them to publish their work in relevant journals. Our vision is to create open-access book chapters that can provide high-quality content to researchers as well as scholars across Africa and beyond.